Tune Up Maintenance Basics
Even though today’s vehicles require less maintenance than ever before, there are still a number of items that need regular attention to keep them running just right. In this Tune-up Basics guide, we’ll cover the fundamentals that every car enthusiast should know from changing oil to setting tire pressure. Follow the steps in the individual sections and your car will be running strong for years to come.

DSPORT Issue #172

Ignition Tune Up BasicsIgnition There’s No Fire Without a Spark

Fluids Tune Up BasicsFluids Happy Engines are Lubed and Cooled

Tune Up Basics FiltersFilters Capturing Contaminants

Brakes Tune Up BasicsBrakes Solid Stopping Power

Electrical Tune Up BasicsElectrical Voltage to Drive

Settings Important Factors for Everyday Driving

Car Paint CareCar Paint Care Keep Your Ride Clean and Mean

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