920 WHP EVO VIII Goes From Meltdown to Monster Power
Tristan Smith's Evo Lead

Fueling The Fire

Tristan Smith's Evo Dyno Chart With the hardware capable of supporting the target horsepower in place, delivering an adequate supply of E85 was the next focus of the build. The solution includes a pair of DeatschWerks fuel pumps supplying a quartet of Fuel Injector Clinic 2,150 cc/min injectors. To achieve proper air/fuel mixtures, an AEM EMS commands the action. With these components in place, Angel connected to the EMS and built the fuel and ignition tables. With the tune complete, the EVO generated 927 horsepower and 777 lb-ft of torque to the wheels of a Dynocomp Dynamometer. This represents a 287- percent improvement over the 240 horsepower a stock EVO VIII makes on this same dyno.

Driveline Directive

[pullquote]AT THIS LEVEL OF OUTPUT, THE EVO’S PERFORMANCE IS ONLY AS GOOD AS ITS WEAKEST LINK[/pullquote]At this level of output, the EVO’s performance is only as good as its weakest link. With more than three times the torque output of the stock engine, factory driveline components were no match. Preempting driveline failures, an Exedy Triple-disc cerametallic clutch bolted to the crankshaft transfers power to the input shaft of a Shepherd Transmissions Stage-2 transmission and Stage 3 transfer case. Equipped with a 4.11-to- 1 final drive upgrade, REM ISF treatment and a billet output shaft, the Stage 2 transmission features practically every upgrade that Shepherd Transmissions offers. The top-of-the-line Stage 3 transfer case contains a Shepherd Transmissions proprietary alloy steel billet ring and pinion, and a Quaife center differential. Tristan Smith's Evo WheelThe improved driveline turns horsepower into motion by way of Wedsport SA-67R wheels mounted with Falken RT615K tires at each corner.

Shifting Gears

Putting down over 900 horsepower reliably satisfied Smith’s first objective. Giving the EVO stunning looks to stand out at meets and on the streets was next on the list. The Voltex Racing Cyber EVO wide body kit with the Cyber Street overfenders were treated to a fresh coat of Tiffany blue paint applied by Count’s Kustoms. Does this color choice go too far? That’s for the critics to decide, but there is no mistake that it stands out from the crowd. The factory Brembo calipers received the same hue to match the body, standing out behind the white powdercoated wheels.


Ready For A Rematch

[pullquote]…HORSEPOWER IS AN ADDICTION, BUT A GOOD ONE NONETHELESS. —TRISTAN SMITH[/pullquote]Like a true competitor, Smith’s EVO was ready to return to the ring for a rematch with the track. Reflecting on the path that the EVO had been down, Smith commented, “My original plan was to simply have a fun streetcar that wasn’t too over the top. Well, that didn’t happen, as horsepower is an addiction, but a good one nonetheless. The plans shifted dramatically once I learned the performance potential of the car. I feel that we’ve finally reached my goal.” Smith looks forward to the next Shift S3ctor event where he and his EVO will try to dominate that ½-mile of asphalt.

Tristan Smith's Evo Rear

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