FR-S ready for OEM Audio+ sound systemInstall

Consumer and Technician Friendly

To put OEM Audio Plus’ product to the test, we installed a Reference 400CF system in the DSPORT Project FR-S. This system includes tweeter and 6.5-inch door speaker upgrades, a trunk-mounted subwoofer, removal of the 3.5-inch dash speakers, optimizes the rear speakers and a specially tuned DSP profile in the amplifier. While the vehicle owner, Aidan Spraic, loves going to the track, he spends more time driving and listening to music on his commute or on road trips. [pullquote]UNLIKE GENERIC AUDIO INSTALLATION KITS, THE QUICK-SYNC WIRING HARNESS DOESN’T LEAVE YOU WITH A RAT’S NEST OF EXTRA WIRES[/pullquote]Aidan installed the kit in his car and noted that the installation was largely straightforward with easy to follow instructions, making the system appealing to both the do-it-yourself installer as well as the professional technician. He mentioned that there were two steps that could cause confusion, requiring the installer to follow different instruction paths depending on which kit was being installed, so read carefully. (The company also has a couple of helpful installation videos on YouTube.) He loved the fact that the interior of the vehicle was unchanged by the installation of the system, save for the addition of the minimally invasive subwoofer that seamlessly occupies the right rear corner of the trunk. Also, unlike generic audio installation kits, the Quick-Sync wiring harness doesn’t leave you with a rat’s nest of extra wires.

Testing and Reflashing

Hearing is believing, and once the system was powered up, Aidan tested the system. He enjoys an eclectic variety of music genres and the Reference 400CF system delivered on most fronts. However, when he switched to hip-hop and rap, he desired a little more bass. Fortunately, OEM Audio Plus offers three different profile settings for the subwoofer amplifier, Balanced, Full and Robust. The subwoofer amplifier came preprogrammed with the Full profile, which provided good bass performance for most of what Aidan enjoys listening to. But Lirag happily offered to reflash the amplifier for more bass. He asked that the subwoofer amplifier be sent back for a reflash. After he reprogrammed the e-prom with the Robust profile, Lirag returned the amplifier back, free of charge for programming and shipping. Once reinstalled in the FR-S, the moment of truth had arrived. With N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton cued up, the subsequent performance put a smile on Aidan’s face as the bass dropped.

The 8-channel and subwoofer amplifiers do not offer user adjustablility. However, you can contact OEM Audio Plus to have your amplifiers reflashed (free of charge) with a variety of different profiles optimized for your musical taste and auditory preference.

Direct Installation

While a combined total of 490 watts might not sound like much on paper, it’s the cleanliness and purity of the signal and how it is delivered at that output level that make an impact on the ears. The six speakers and the amplifiers work together to produce a sound quality expected of much more complex and powerful systems. At an MSRP of $1,499.00, the Reference 400CF delivered a tuned listening experience that sounds far richer than it costs.The complete OEM Audio+ 400CF set for the FR-S/BRZ

OEM Audio Plus is available through dealership networks and tuning shops, offering plug-and-play solutions for several other vehicle platforms, including the Scion tC, xB and iQ, the Toyota Tundra, Prius and FJ Cruiser, and the Subaru WRX and STI. This product lineup is always expanding, with new applications to be released very soon.


Factory Sound System vs OEM Audio+ Reference 400 CF

OEM OEM Audio+
Total Power 300 Watts 490 Watts
Dash Tweeter 0.75”, 4Ω Hard Dome 1”, 4Ω Soft Dome
Dash Midrange 3.5”,4Ω NONE
Door Speaker 6.5”, 4Ω Injection Molded Poly Propylene 6.5”, 2Ω Carbon Fiber
Rear Speaker 3.5”, 4Ω Injection Molded Poly Propylene Same as Factory
Subwoofer NONE 8”, 1.2Ω, Dual Voice Coil, Carbon Fiber
Speaker Enclosure NONE 0.50 cu.ft.
Amplifier Output
Tweeters 20 Watts RMS, 40 Watts Peak 45 Watts RMS
Midrange 20 Watts RMS, 40 Watts Peak NONE
Door Speaker 35 watts RMS, 70 Watts Peak 45 Watts RMS
Rear Speakers 20 Watts RMS, 40 Watts Peak 45 Watts RMS
Subwoofer NONE 130 Watts RMS

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