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Headlight Restoration Kit with Drill Activated Sanding

3M Headlight RestorationThe 3MTM Headlight Restoration Kit with Drill Activated Sanding features 3M’s exclusive TrizactTM technology, which saves time while providing superior results. The kit includes sanding discs, polishing pad with compound, protectant for lens and tape to protect your paint. May also be used on most plastic lenses, including taillights, trailers, snowmobiles, emergency vehicle light bars, plastic motorcycle lights and more.
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P/N: 39165
Kit Type: Consumer
Contents: Sanding Discs, Polishing Pad Compound, Protectant, Roll of Tape
Steps: 4
Durability: 12-48 mos.
Freq. of Treatment: As Needed
# of Lens Treatments: 2-4
MSRP: $32.99

Detailer’s Pride
Total Headlight Restoration Kit

Detailer's Pride Headlight RestorationThe Detailer’s Total Headlight Restoration Kit includes everything you need to clean, restore and protect your vehicle’s headlight lenses. Remove years of oxidation and yellowing with the All-In-One Headlight Restoring Polish. Protect the lens from future oxidation with the Headlight Protectant Spray. This kit includes the proper drill backing plate and everything else you need for complete and proper restoration.
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Kit Type: Consumer and Professional
Contents: 8 oz. Detailer’s All In One Headlight Restoring Polish, 8 oz. Detailer’s Headlight Protectant Spray,
Lake Country 3-Inch Drill Backing Plate, (3) 1/4 Inch Thin Foamed Wool Pad,
Microfiber Detailing Towel, Microfiber Applicator Pad, Detailer’s Car Care Handbook
Steps: 2
Durability: 3 Mos.
Freq. of Treatment: Every Other Wash
# of Lens Treatments: 8-20 Lenses
MSRP: $49.99

Eastwood Professional
Windshield/Headlight Kit

Eastwood Professional Headlight RestorationThe CCP Safety Vision Restorer was formulated for all plastic, Lexan and glass lens covers. The nano abrasive is an optically graded mineral used in polishing prescription optical lenses. It effectively removes yellowing, haze cloudiness, light scratches, bugs, road debris & micro pitting. Being water based, it is the only surface repair product available that contains no health hazards and is environmentally safe.Headlight Restoration Icons

P/N: 21633
Kit Type: Consumer
Contents: 2 Attachments (Lg & Sm), (8) Large polishing pads, (16) Small polishing pads Steps: 1
Durability: N/A
Freq. of Treatment: None
# of Lens Treatments: 16
MSRP: $49.99

Headlight and Plastic Restoration Kit

Flitz Headlight RestorationThe Flitz Headlight and Plastic Restoration Kit can be used to service most plastic parts, including headlights, tail lights, windshields, plastic camper windows, helmet face shields, etc. It is fast, safe and easy-to-use. The 7-inch buff ball is washable and reusable, so you can use it over again. This simple 1-step process helps to improve visibility and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.
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P/N: HR 3150
Kit Type: Consumer
Contents: 7-inch Buff Ball, 1000 Grit Scuff Pad, 1.76oz. Paste Polish, 1.7oz. Speed Wax
Steps: 2
Durability: 12+ Mos.
# of Lens Treatments: 10
MSRP: $49.99

Nulens Headlight Renewal Kit

Mother's Nulens Headlight RestorationMothers® Nulens is designed to quickly and safely restore, maintain and protect all types of smooth, shiny plastic and acrylic headlights to crystal clarity. It easily cleans away yellowing and stains, and even buffs out unsightly hairline scratches, smudges, and flaws in a single step. The included PowerPlastic 4Lights® polish restores crystal clarity, leaving a tough protective, oxidation- inhibiting polymer layer to guard against future degradation from the elements.
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P/N: 07251
Kit Type: Consumer
Contents: 3-inch Soft-Flex Backing Plate, PowerBall 4Lights® Polishing Tool, Headlight Lens Restoration Discs,
8oz. PowerPlastic 4Lights® Polish/Protectant
Steps: 4
Durability: 12 Mos.
Freq. of Treatment: 3 months
# of Lens Treatments: 2-6
MSRP: $31.49

Optimum Polymer Technologies

Optimum Headlight RestorationOptimum Opti-Lens Coating is the most advanced polymer system specifically designed for the protection of headlight lenses. This hybrid resin combines Opti-Coat 2.0 ceramic resin with an acrylic resin for maximum bonding and protection of acrylic and polycarbonate lenses. It also contains high levels of UV absorbers to minimize discoloration and fading of automotive headlight lenses. Once applied, Opti-lens forms a permanent bond to the surface.
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P/N: OCL2013-10
Kit Type: Consumer
Contents: 10ml. Opti-Lens, Foam Pad, Nozzle
Steps: 2-3
Durability: Permanent
Freq. of Treatment: None
# of Lens Treatments: 8-10
MSRP: $69.99

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