Year / Make / Model: 2012 Toyota 86
Chassis Code: ZN6
Redline RPM: 7,500 RPM
Peak Boost: Unknown
Fuel: 100 Octane

Engine Code: FA20
Displacement (cc): 1,998cc
Bore & Stroke (mm): 86mm x 86mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 300ps @ 6,800 RPM (projected)
Peak Torque (@ RPM): 33kg @ 3,500 RPM (projected)
Engine Management System: SARD CUVU EVOLUSION Prototype ECU
Engine Management Tuner: SARD
Boost Controller: BorgWarner Boost Control Solenoid
Exhaust Manifold: SARD Custom Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust System / Downpipe: SARD Custom Down Pipe
Wastegate: Internal
Blow-Off Valve: Internal
Intercooler: SARD Custom Intercooler
Cooling System: SARD Racing Radiator
Oil System: SARD Custom Oil Cooler

Turbocharger: BorgWarner EFR Turbocharger
Frame: EFR 6758
Compressor Wheel Specs: 67mm Major, 53.9mm Inducer
Turbine Wheel Speds: 58mm Major
Turbine Housing 0.64 A/R

Springs, F&R (Make & Rate): SARD Springs, 7kgf/mm & 8kgf/mm
Shocks, F&R (Make & Rate): SARD Advanced Suspension Dampers
Additional Suspension Components: SARD Adjustable Sway Bars
Clutch / Flywheel: SARD Custom Clutch with Flywheel
Differential(s) (Make & Type): SARD Prototype LSD
Axles / Driveshaft: Strengthened driveshafts
Wheels (Make, Size & Offset): Volk Racing G27 Wheels19x10.5-inch +35 (F&R) (+15mm Spacer (F), +35mm Spacer (R))
Tires (Make & Size): Bridgestone Potenza S001 245/35R19 (F), 275/30R19 (R)
Brake System (F&R): SARD/Alcon Monoblock 4-piston (F), 4-Piston (R)

Seats: BRIDE GIAS II Sport (D), STRADIA II Sport (P)
Harnesses: Takata 4-point Harnesses
Gauges: SARD Gauge Cluster, STACK Water and Oil Temp, Oil Pressure

Bumpers, (F&R): SARD GT1 Performance Aero
Skirts, Fenders (F&R): SARD GT3 Widebody Kit
Spoiler / Wing: SARD GT Wing 020 Prototype
Taillights: SARD GT1 Taillights

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