innovate-supercharger-frs-brz-140-004SPRINTEX S5-210 SOLUTION

For the FR-S, Innovate worked with Sprintex to engineer a forced-induction solution around a twin-screw charger. To meet the target of an emissions-friendly, reliable 240 wheel horsepower, a Sprintex S5-210 model was selected. The S5-210 easily supports airflows capable of reaching over 240 horsepower (at 13 psig of intercooled boost pressure on the FR-S’ FA20 engine), while delivering exceptional compressor efficiencies from 67 to 75 percent. The S5-210 also features a self-contained oiling system that remains independent from the engine’s lubrication system.

As with any supercharger system design, a rigid and solid mounting solution is a must. The Innovate system features a cast aluminum intake manifold to secure the S5-210 to the engine. This manifold replaces the factory plastic manifold with a version designed to retain the charger, house the intercooler and maximize the performance of the supercharger. An additional idler is bolted to the alternator to keep the drive belt in tension and in place around the supercharger pulley.

innovate-supercharger-frs-brz-140-007KEEPING IT COOL

The throttle body is connected directly to the supercharger, and it draws air by way of a plastic intake tube attached to the factory air box. Inside the factory air box is a K&N air filter that is supplied with the kit. The Innovate intake manifold replaces the factory manifold, while incorporating an integral air-to-liquid Laminova heat exchanger to cool the charge air. A front-mounted, liquid-to-air heat exchanger, charge coolant reservoir, charge coolant pump and the necessarily plumbing make up the rest of the intercooling system.

innovate-supercharger-frs-brz-140-002FUELING THE FIRE

Innovate addressed the tuning requirements of the forced-induction upgrade properly, by capitalizing on the extra capacity of the existing fuel system. The CARB-legal Innovate kit comes complete with an EcuTek cable and tune for reflashing the factory ECU. This ensures proper control of the injectors, while optimizing ignition timing for boost. Innovate isn’t the first to properly address the tuning needs of a forced-induction upgrade, but Innovate’s efforts will keep you out of trouble when it comes time to visit the sniffer for a smog test. Beyond this bit of security, the CARB-legal tune keeps air-fuel ratios in a safe 12.5 to 1 range, so there’s no worry that the system will lean out the fuel and leading to destructive detonation.

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