innovate-supercharger-frs-brz-140-011THE BOTTOM LINE

242.79 @ 7,181 RPM
192.51 @ 5,691 RPM

Once the FR-S was unstrapped from the dyno, the more subjective road test evaluation began. The first thought that came to mind was, “This is how the car should have felt from the factory.” Nearly everything about the engine’s performance improved, including the idle, acceleration, throttle response and drivability. The torque and power curves finally matched the aggressive styling of the FR-S. The CARB-compliant and intercooled supercharger kit options are limited, but at $4,695, the Innovate system definitely provides great bang-for-your-buck performance. Tune in next time, when we try some smaller, non-CARB-legal pulleys to see how much additional power we can get out of this stock engine.

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