The power curve after the addition of our first round of upgrades showed a smooth and responsive power delivery. 32.4 horsepower over the stock numbers were realized.

274.7 WHP @ 21.8 PSI (1.50 KPa) Boost

test-n-tune-mitsubishi-evo-8-020-003Test 1 – MSD/Walbro Fuel System Upgrade

With the additional fuel that the MSD injectors and Walbro pump could supply more power could be made while maintaining a safe air-fuel ratio.

282.4 WHP @ 21.8 PSI (1.50 KPa) Boost

test-n-tune-mitsubishi-evo-8-020-004Test 2 – Helix/SP Engineering Downpipe

The Helix downpipe picked up boost response. Three to five additional horsepower were realized from 3,500 to 5,700 RPM. From 5,700 RPM to 6,800 RPM, the power unexpectedly fell off. Past 6,700 RPM, power rose by as much as 25 horsepower until redline. Unfortunately, our dyno time was cut short before we could locate the reason why we were experiencing a power drop in this 1,000 RPM section of the power curve.

272.0 WHP @ 21.8 PSI (1.50 KPa) Boost

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