Most Popular DSPORT Articles of 2016

We’re all about educating the reader, so we’ve done all the dirty work for you. We pour hours upon hours into research, building, testing and tuning in order to deliver you the how’s and why’s behind every performance upgrade. This includes lessons in forced induction, suspension setup, and in-depth looks at some of today’s best performing cars and parts. Make sure you don’t miss out on what everyone else is learning, and see our most popular articles of 2016 below.

12. Ford EcoBoost 1.6L Analysis | Turbocharged, Direct-Injection & CCVTC

ECOBOOST 1.6L Breakdown

Looking for a complete analysis of Ford’s 1.6-liter engine? Look no further, DSPORT has you covered.

11. Boost vs. Compression: Benefits of High Boost Levels and High Compression Ratios

Boost vs Compression

Understanding how both compression ratios and boost pressures affect performance is key to maximizing the capabilities of your street or race vehicle.



10. Engine Tech 201: Bottom End | Pistons, Rods, Cranks, Bearings and Sleeves

Bottom End 201 | Installing Pistons

Great technological advances in piston, connecting rod, crankshaft and sleeve technology are the main reasons why today’s engines deliver more power and reliability than ever before.



9. Supercharged Turbocharged Subaru WRX STI

Supercharged Turbocharged Subaru WRX STi

Supercharged or Turbocharged? Why not both?



8. TOMEI POWERED Dissects the FA20 | Flat Four

FA20 engine guide

Look no further to get an in-depth look at the FA20 flat-four engine.



7. Exploring the Limits of the EVO X Engine | 4B11T vs 4G63

EVO X with 4B11T

4B11 or 4G63? Which engine will come out on top?



6. Nissan and Mitsubishi Forge New Alliance

Nissan buys Mitsubishi stock

Since the plug got pulled on the Evolution, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this alliance could breathe some performance back into Mitsubishi.



5. SUSPENSION 101: Everything You Wanted To Know About Vehicle Handling

Wireframe suspension drawing with title

Tuning your suspension can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, use this guide to help the handling of your car.



4. The Art of Removing Stuck Nuts and Bolts

The Art of Removing Stuck Nuts and Bolts

Try some of these home remedies to loosen up that stubborn bolt.



3. Top Ten Engines | Inside The Engines That Powered An Industry

The Top Ten Engines to build

Our top picks for engines that helped power the industry.



2. How to Increase the Power Handling of Any Engine | The Five Elements of a Bulletproof Block

Bulletproof Block Lead Image

Adding power is one challenge. Building an engine to handle the power adds a whole new element. Learn how to build reliable power that won’t go up in smoke when you step on the throttle.



1. Twin Scroll vs. Single Scroll Turbo Test | The Great Divide

Twin scroll vs single scroll

Possibly our most controversial post of the year. Single scroll or twin scroll, which is better?