Everything You Need To Know About Limited Slip Differentials

Speed Shop LSDWavetrac offers quality limited slip differentials without the worry of wearing parts or need of service. Wavetrac LSDs are manufactured in American plants to meet and exceed all OEM standards. With durability and performance in mind, all the LSDs are built to last with high-strength material inside and out, as well as quality ARP fasteners to hold it all together. Throughout the manufacturing process, each component is checked and inspected to ensure top quality. All Wavetrac’s differentials are covered by limited lifetime, transferable warranties.


  • Gear + Wave Hub Design
  • Speed Shop LSDHD Spring Pack & Preload Adjust Initial Torque
  • Maintenance-free Gear Design
  • 2.0-way without Understeer (non-locking)
  • Carbon Bias Plates in Pinion Pockets
  • Patented Wave Hub Increase Bias During Wheel Slip
  • Wavetrac Advantages
  • Non-Locking, Torque Biasing
  • Best Grip of Gear Type LSD in Low-Traction Conditions
  • 9310 Steel Gears, ARP fasteners, Billet or Forged Bodies
  • Transferable Lifetime Warranty


With 9310 steel gears and forged housings, these parts are made to withstand the abuse. Wavetrac’s patented wave hub has four equal radiuses that act as load generators under wheel lift or slip. The technology allows the LSDs to build additional preload when the wheel is slipping, while continuing to bias power to the wheel on the ground; and since the differential doesn’t lock, this means both wheels are independent to maintain better entry and mid-corner speed.

Speed Shop LSD

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