Everything You Need To Know About Limited Slip Differentials

Speed Shop LSDFueled with a pure passion for motorsports, Masaharu Okazaki started OS Giken in the 1960s for one reason: to produce products for high performance cars. OS Giken’s LSDs are engineered to be extremely responsive to throttle input, which allows the driver to gain maximum control of the vehicle. Through an innovative patented design, twice as many plates are able to fit in the housing when compared to some of the OEM units. The large number of discs allow OS Giken’s LSDs to achieve 100% locking capability. The superior engineering makes for smooth locking and chatter elimination.


  • Ultra-Low Preload Gives “Open” Behavior at Low Throttle
  • Aggressive Ramps Deliver Fast Lock Response When Needed
  • Preset from Factory (No User Adjustments)
  • Speed Shop LSDUp to 2x the Clutch Plates as Competition
  • Cone+Coil Spring Controls Preload
  • Clutch Type Design
  • 1.1-, 1.5- and 2.0-way
  • Factory Tuning Available
  • OS Giken Super Lock LSD
  • TCD Option for Ultra-Smooth Locking
  • Ultra-Quiet, No-break-in Required
  • Billet Steel Differential Case
  • Full Balanced Assemblies

OS Giken USA

OS Giken’s LSD units are a negative preload design that allow for minimal lock when power is not delivered, as well as a progressive 100% lock on corner exits. Constructed from high quality material, OS Giken’s LSDs are engineered and finished to extremely tight tolerance, which eliminates the break-in process and expands unit life.

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