Everything You Need To Know About Limited Slip Differentials

Speed Shop LSDWith over 40 years in various types of motorsports, Cusco has been challenged and proved by racing engineers. The company’s motto “PROGRESSIVE EQUIPMENT” comes from the continuous involvement in motorsports, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. Cusco LSDs are made of forged steel and completed with thermal treatment in order to withstand high-stress and temperatures. The goal is to achieve trophies.


  • Clutch Type Design, Motorsports Grade LSD
  • Two Different Preload Systems (Type MZ & Type RS)
  • High- or Low-Range Preloads
  • 1.0-,1.5- and 2.0-way
  • 15/25/35/45/55/60-degree Ramp Settings
  • Two Cam Options per Unit
  • Billet Cold-Forged Steel Case
  • PRECISION Race Grade Internals
  • Tuning and Rebuild Parts Available
  • New for 2018
  • Micro Dimple Treated Clutch Plates
  • More Stable Actuation
  • Anti-Chatter
  • Longer, MORE Even Wear

New for 2018 (May Release)

Micro Dimple Treatment standard, not an option, for all Cusco LSDs; improves actuation, reduce chatter, reduce break-in time with extended clutch life.

Progressive Equipment

Tested and proven in various professional motorsports from FIA World Rally to GT Racing. Cusco developed three types of LSDs to choose from. Cusco manufactures the best quality, most reliable, and highest performance products.

For more information contact Cusco USA ­— (714) 907-0033 | info@cuscousainc.com | www.lsd.cuscousainc.com