5| Hotel Party Scene

Buschur ShootoutNo Jet Ski's in the Pool at Buschur ShootoutCruising around the packed hotel parking lots after sundown is like experiencing an automotive tailgate party that rages into the night. Along one main stretch of road in Norwalk, several hotels get booked solid with Shootout attendees practically a year in advance. The parking lots are full of cars, trucks and trailers. Some race cars can  be seen being worked on, some being cleaned.  Work your way through the hoards of people in the parking lot and you’ll likely to find a racer doing some late night race prep or repairs such as a transmission swap. Along the streets, people sit in lawn chairs waiting for cars to blast by the hotels (not recommended as the police heavily patrol the area). Although things sometimes get a little crazy, like the infamous jet ski in the pool incident from 2010, for the most part everyone respectfully enjoys themselves and the community vibe is strong.  If you come to the Buschur Racing Shootout , this is one aspect of the weekend you have to see and experience.

Jet ski in pool

Reenactment of the now-infamous event

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