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2016 Buschur Shootout

At the end of the day, the Buschur Racing Shootout is all about racing. It’s here that many of the quickest Mitsubishis and GT-Rs in the nation gather once a year to battle on the drag strip. Special appearances and exhibition passes by some of the world’s quickest machines like the AMS Omega, T1 Race Development’s GT-R and the ETS/English Racing GT-R add another facet to the event and offer even more to look forward to. Over the years, attendees have born witness to records being set and broken at the Buschur Racing Shootout. With nine heads up classes along with max effort, index and fun run groups, expect your days at the Buschur Racing Shootout to be action packed and filled to the rim with racing action.

Alpha Omega GT-R at Buschur Shootout

24th Annual IDRC Buschur Racing Shootout presented by ThreeBond- August 19-21, 2016

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Buschur Shootout


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