Seven teams, seven Nissan R35 GT-Rs. Seven-second passes. This remarkable group of seven running sevens composes an international band of drag strip outlaws riding on the bleeding edge of innovation and technology. They constantly battle with physics and extract unbelievable horsepower and torque from the all-aluminum V6, twin-turbocharged VR38DETT engine.

By Richard Fong // Lead Image Courtesy of Altechno Racing

The Magnificent Seven R35 GT-RsRapid Development

Just five years ago, a Nissan GT-R making 900 horsepower broke the nine-second barrier. Today, at least 13 GT-Rs from across the globe make anywhere from 1,600 to 2,500 horsepower and clear the quarter mile in under eight seconds. The seven quickest accomplish this feat in 7.745 seconds or less at trap speeds as high as 202 MPH. In addition to the shops from the U.S., noteworthy international builders come from Russia, Japan and Dubai, with the current World Record setter hailing from Manama, Bahrain.

In the Blink of an Eye

A mere 0.208 seconds separates the quickest R35 GT-R from being the first to make a six-second pass. Yet at this level, this sliver of time poses quite the challenge, requiring significantly improved horsepower figures, chassis setup and weight reduction to achieve quicker times. The other six contenders must make up an additional 0.108-to-0.538 seconds to overtake the leader. Learn about the top seven R35 GT-Rs that ran seven-second passes in the quarter mile, the shops that developed them and the teams that made it all happen. Their stories and methods may differ, but their objectives remain identical, to be the quickest and fastest R35 GT-R on the planet.

* Ranking as of May 13th, 2016, the day we went to print for Issue #170

Magnificent Seven R35 GT-Rs


#7 Altechno Racing | RussiaAltechno R35 GT-R

#6 Subzero | Dubai, UAE & Saudi ArabiaSubzero Racing R35 GT-R

#5 AMS/Alpha Performance USAAMS Alpha Performance GT-R Omega

#4 T1 Race Development | USAT1 Race Development R35 GT-R

#3 Extreme Turbo Systems | USAExtreme Turbo Systems (ETS) R35 GT-R

#2 F Performance Garage | Dubai, UAEF Performance GT-R

#1 EKanoo Racing | BahrainEKanoo Racing R35 GT-R

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