Bolt-On Basics | Performance Tuning 101

The Fundamentals of Automotive Performance

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve already modified your car, understanding the fundamentals of bolt-on performance is the first step to making power, increasing performance and getting the most from your setup. In this issue, we’ll cover everything from air intake systems to full-fledged turbocharger kits.

DSPORT Issue #171


Bolt-On Basics Air Intake Air intakes are one of the easiest ways to increase the amount of air going into your engine. With a properly selected intake, your engine wlll benefit from cooler intake air temperatures for additional performance.


BOB Exhaust Systems Removing restrictions for outgoing exhaust gasses is one of the first places to start when uncorking your engine’s true performance. Read this section to understand how these systems are constructed and what to look for.


BOB ECU Tuning Cars today are much more advanced than ever before. Dialing in your vehicle’s computer to optimize the fuel and ignition maps is a must when it comes to making safe and reliable power.

FUEL SYSTEMfuelsystem

Increasing fuel flow is a necessary step in the performance building pathway. Learn more about the various components that make up your vehicle’s fuel system and what parts need to be changed to make power.


forced injection Turbochargers and superchargers can yield significant power gains when properly selected, installed and tuned. See which kit is right for you and what to look for during your purchasing decision.


cooling system Heat is the enemy of performance. Find out how to keep your cool when modifying your car. Anything from engine oil coolers to air-to-air intercoolers can be optimized for maximum cooling.


suspention Ensuring that your car is quick and nimble requires more than just generating more power. With the proper knowledge of suspension and chassis components, you can dial in your car to handle with the best.


brakes Every vehicle needs a way to stop. Brake system maintenance and upgrades are important for any car. Find out which parts should be changed and how you can get the most from your vehicle’s brakes.


wheels A set of high-quality performance wheels can improve your vehicle’s performance while adding style to match. Learn about the different wheel options and how to properly size your next set of wheels.


tires Making contact between your car and the driving surface is one of the most important aspects of vehicle tuning. See what all those numbers and letters on the side of your tires mean and how to pick out your car’s rubber.