Scion FR-S/BRZ Intake Test: Pt 1 | Testing with the Factory Programed ECU

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Performance Air IntakeTRD Intake System for the FR-S/BRZ



+ Best fitting intake of all tested
+ OEM Quality
+ A/F Ratios mimic stock intake system
+ Second Highest Horsepower 3,000-3,500 RPM


– Stock A/F ratios limit power production

TRD Intake System for the FR-S/BRZOverview: The highest production quality of any of the units reviewed. The TRD Performance Air Intake delivers a factory fit and finish. A/F ratios are not manipulated.

Analysis: Power gains are limited due to a lack of manipulation of the air- fuel ratio. The true potential of this intake will only be realized with a reflash of the factory ECU.