Scion FR-S/BRZ Intake Test: Pt 1 | Testing with the Factory Programed ECU
Intake Showcase for FR-S/BRZ
Note: When you can’t afford a complete intake system, a high-performance panel filter is a great alternative. They are even great on otherwise completely-stock vehicles.

APEXi logo for the FR-S/BRZ Intake ShowcaseAPEXi Power Intake FilterAPEXI Intake System for the FR-S/BRZ

APEXI Intake System for the FR-S/BRZOverview: Engineered to minimize flow restrictions, the Power Intake Filter does not compromise filtering ability for the sake of additional flow. The unit’s dry design delivers trouble free operation without fear of oils contaminating the MAF sensor. Filter life is at least 15,000 miles under normal driving conditions. Analysis: Showing performance gains across the entire powerband, the Power Intake Filter delivered a 2.51-percent increase in the area under the power curve between 4,500 and 7,200 RPM. Peak horsepower rose 3.16 percent.

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