Scion FR-S/BRZ Intake Test: Pt 1 | Testing with the Factory Programed ECU
Intake Showcase for FR-S/BRZ

HKS ogo for the FR-S/BRZ Intake ShowcaseHKS Premium SuctionHKS Intake System for the FR-S/BRZ

QUICK FACTS Positive + Great fitment + Robust, thick cast-aluminum intake elbow tube + Triple-layer, serviceable foam filter Negatives – No performance gains over OEM until 6,700 RPM – Relatively expensive
HKS Intake System for the FR-S/BRZOverview: The HKS Premium Suction system features the triple-layer Hybrid air filter along with a cast aluminum elbow that connects the throttle body to the factory air box. Analysis: HKS engineers its intake systems to mimic the air-fuel ratios of the stock system. Hence, maximum performance gains can only be obtained after tuning.

(Left) This is the connector to the factory sound tube. (Right) All of the necessary hardware is included to make the connections.

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